gnetlist/spice-sdb for hierarchical schematics
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Abhijit Kshirsagar
2014-09-22 14:10:32 UTC
Hello all,

I'm using the spice-sdb netlister to netlist a project using some
hierarchical schematics.
I created a symbol for a subcircuit with refdes=X? and added the
attributes file="subcktname.net" and source="subcktname.sch"

gSchem is able to find and show the subcktname.sch (Hierarchy-Down)
from the source-library setting in my gafrc,
but gnetlist/spice-sdb is not able to find subcktname.net, and chokes
while netlisting:

422: 11* [open-input-file "subcktname.net"]
In unknown file:
?: 12 [open-file "subcktname.net" "r"]

If i give the full absolute or relative path to the file attribute,
gnetlist works fine.
Further, since i am using spice-sdb in include mode, it doesn't
actually need to find the file, just add an include statement in the
I'll need to make sure ngspice will find the file without absolute path.

So - can gnetlist be told where to look for files? Or not to look for files?